When is water treatment necessary

Taking care of the quality of the water we use is of the utmost importance since it is a key element for human life. We use water to drink, bathe, cook, wash food, among others. The hardness of the water is an important factor to consider and can be eliminated with a water softener, since it can avoid excessive water consumption and provide us with a myriad of benefits.

In the first place, we must clarify that hard water contains large amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium creating the substance known as tartar. It will not only affect our pipes, appliances, but also our health. In order to obtain soft water, it is often necessary to use a Water Softener, specialized in water treatment to avoid the formation of scale and eliminate existing scale.

Soft water will allow us to save water consumption on many occasions, for example when washing, since soft water easily dissolves detergent, generating more foam and requiring less water for washing. This applies to both kitchen detergents, hair shampoo, skin soaps, among others. The savings will also be reflected in the use of these soaps, since by generating more foam, we will need less quantity. On the other hand, we will avoid tartar stains on the dishes that are typical traces of the use of hard water in washing.

As for the contact of the with the skin, it is essential to have soft water, since it will provide us with better hydration by containing less salts dissolved in the water. The same happens with our hair, which will also give us more shine and softness. (Also know the benefits of a shower with filtered water )

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our pipes and appliances will greatly benefit, since soft water prevents the formation of scale, extending their useful life.

Water softener

There is a wide range of equipment specialized in this matter, that processes up to a thousand liters of water per day, obtaining soft water to take care of our health and avoid breakage of pipes, electrical appliances, water heaters, etc. On the other hand, there are products that act in a preventive and palliative way. That is, they prevent sediments, clays, dirt and particles from being suspended in the water. Obtaining totally clear water.