Magnetic Water Softener (Big Home or Small Industrial)

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  • Large Sized House & Small Industrial
  • 1 inch – 2 inch pipes

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Large Sized House or Small Industrial


1 inch – 2 inch pipes

2 reviews for Magnetic Water Softener (Big Home or Small Industrial)

  1. Sonney (verified owner)

    Don’t know if it will work, but it came fast and was super easy to install with the long plastic screws and wing nuts. I don’t understand how it could work except right where it’s installed. Do the chlorine atoms stay out of salt formation after they pass the magnets? If so,for how far and for how long. If not, it will be useless. Anyone out there a chemical engineer and can explain this. If it works for a few feet, it still would be cheaper to put one on every line before an appliance, than to get a whole house water softening system. I don’t want all that salt.

  2. Carlos Mena (verified owner)

    We’ve only had this installed about a week, but we’re already impressed. Things we’ve noticed already: glassware coming out of the dishwasher crystal clear (and if there’s a bit of scale on the edge of a glass where the last drip dried, it comes off with a dry towel!), towels come out of the dryer like we used fabric softener (which we never have), shower door and chrome handles are getting clearer already and when using a rubber squeegee to clean the shower door there are fine particles of calcite scale that the rubber is removing (which never happened before), and my wife says her hair and skin feel better after showering. The dishes/glassware and laundry difference alone would make this well worth the $100+ investment.

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