Magnetic Water Softener (Small Sized Home)

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  • Small Sized Home (2-3 People)
  • 1/2 inch – 3/2 inch pipes

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Small Sized Home (2-3 People)


1/2 inch – 3/2 inch pipes

4 reviews for Magnetic Water Softener (Small Sized Home)

  1. Jonathan S. (verified owner)

    I installed these on my water pipes and within 3 weeks, I no longer have to add a spot remover in my dishwasher. The water here is extremely hard and before installing, I de-limed (if that is a word) my shower head and faucets before installing and they are still clear of any build up. So easy to install. I have and will continue to recommend these

  2. Christopher Evans (verified owner)

    Seems to work as described. Easy to set up and install.

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    This product does not remove particles from the water making it softer, it changes the particles/water so that they don’t stick and and leave you with a water spot mess. I was worried when I saw the water spots forming on my large glass shower door. However, one gentle swipe with a dry paper towel and they were gone. Nothing but impressive.

    This is the only such product I have experience with, but it is worth every penny!

  4. Joseph Dexter (verified owner)

    We bought an EcoWasher listed as compatible with well water. Basically that meant a built-in magnet. I never gave it much thought but when that machine died we replaced it with a non-magnetic machine. I was surprised that even after bouncing around in the dryer, our laundry came out much stiffer, especially items like towels. T-shirts weren’t as bad but still not soft. So I bought this magnet. What I can say for sure is the magnet is very powerful and our laundry is back to normal. Installation was easy but I did have to move it. I first placed the magnet on the hose going into the ozone washer but the washing machine gave me filling errors (said it didn’t fill fast enough). I’m not sure if the magnet affected the washer due to it’s close proximity or the flow in the hose itself, which contains metal layers. So I moved the magnet to the basement where the cold water line goes into my pex manifold.
    I can’t say if this is a solution for scale build up problems. I still need to clean the faucet aerators and wipe down the shower walls once in a while. Maybe a second magnet on the hot water line would help but for us it’s not a major issue.

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