Magnetic Water Softener (Medium Sized House Use)

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  • Medium Sized Home (5-6 People)
  • 1/2 inch – 3/2 inch pipes

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Medium Sized Home (5-6 People)


1/2 inch – 3/2 inch pipes

5 reviews for Magnetic Water Softener (Medium Sized House Use)

  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    Okay, so I gave it a good month, WOW it really works! I live on a well with extremely hard-water. My toilets were impossible to keep clean! NOT ANYMORE!! THANKS!

  2. Jim Stevens (verified owner)

    Awesome! Hair is super-soft and manageable now and stains are lifting off the porcelain toilets and tubs with ease! Purchased a second set for a second house!

  3. Theodore (verified owner)

    We’ve had these installed for over a month now. We stopped using our Culligan water softener at the same time because the resin wore out and we were told we needed to replace the unit with a new one. That would have been $1,000. So, we thought, let’s see what these can do for $100 instead. We’re glad we waited. So far so good. We had to get used to the water feeling differently on our skin in the shower, not as “soft” as it used to be, but after a few days nobody complained and everybody’s hair was fine, the two women in the house care, not so much me, and the dishes and glasses don’t have spots coming out of the dishwasher. For now I’m giving these a big thumbs up. If anything changes I’ll update the review.

  4. Adam

    I decided to try these magnets because we have terrible spots and buildup on our dishes, fixtures, and pretty much anything that comes in contact with our water. I was skeptical but thought why not give it a try before I look into a whole house water softening system, and I’m really glad I did. While the water spots aren’t completely gone, they are 90% better than before. I could tell a difference right away. I have the large magnet set on the pipe into the house and the smaller one on the output line from the water heater. On the attached picture, the top smaller pan was washed after installing the magnets and the bottom pan was washed prior. Both were from the same dishwasher with the same rinse aid. I can’t say how these magnets work on water hard with iron or other minerals, but I can say that there is definitely a difference.

  5. Brad (verified owner)

    I can already tell the difference of my water quality. Takes me a third of the time to clean my bathroom and kitchen.

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