7 Signs of Hard Water

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Hard water is water that contains a higher mineral content (when compared to soft water). Hard water is mostly made up of magnesium carbonates, sulfates, calcium, and bicarbonates. Is it possible to tell if you have hard water without a water testing kit? The answer is YES!

7 Signs of Hard Water

Signs of Hard Water on Sink

1. Your Faucets Have A White Crust

Look at your bathroom & kitchen faucets, if you see this white crust then you have hard water.  The white crust is made up o dissolved calcium, iron, and magnesium.  If you have a glass shower and you see hard water spots

2. Your Shower Glass or Mirror Has Water Spots

If you have a shower with glass that has water spots then you have hard water.  This will also usually show up on the mirrors in the bathrooms.  No matter how careful you are there always seems to be some water that gets on the mirrors.

signs of hard water on glass

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